The main body of Zhuhai Derry Industrial Park construction is completed.

Zhuhai Industrial Park started its expansion in July 2020. At present, the main construction body has been completed in January 2021 and is expected to come into service in February 2022.

The new factory area is about 40000 square meters. The new factory area of Derry Medical will be equipped with molding center, research and development center, quality inspection center, sterilization center, and storage center, equipped with 20000 square meters of clean workshop, medical precision extrusion production line, medical precision microfilament production line, medical coating guide wire production line and medical blister packaging production line. With the support of modern large-scale R & D and production bases, we will continue to introduce advanced equipment at home and abroad, improve intelligent manufacturing production lines, and further expand the production scale of existing disposable infusion devices, medical standard parts, safety syringe,s and other medical consumables. Strive to become a leader in the medical device industry.